Healthcare Supplemental Staffing Specialists

A history of
Uncompromising care.

JustiCorp, located outside of Philadelphia, was founded by two critical care nurses in 1987. Our company provides RNs on a temporary service basis to a variety of units in healthcare facilities throughout the greater Philadelphia area. We approach every opportunity with the same personalized attention whenever providing a coverage solution that meets our client’s specific need.

Expanding into education.
JustiCorp’s education consultant program was established in 1991. Our skilled professionals support medical technology companies involved with sales related to healthcare equipment and products. Consultants are scheduled on a per assignment basis. Services can involve training accompanying a new system or product purchase, follow up or product upgrade training for existing users or customer support during conversions and go live. Our consultants bring a diverse background of clinical experience and training to assure each client’s strategic need has been met.

Quality. Credibility. Professional Pride.
These are the core values that have lived at the heart of the company since its inception over 25 years ago. They are the reason clients have chosen to remain with JustiCorp.

We care about those we serve.
From our detail in service delivery and ongoing communication, to our comprehensive orientation and meticulous logistical tracking, the fact that we care comes through in absolutely everything we do.